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    So my Pre 3 took a fall and the screen got smashed, rendering it almost unusable (can make calls, can't hang up, etc).

    I copied all the data off it and am attempting to set up a new Pre 3... but it isn't letting me sign into the device with my WebOS account, nor is it letting me recover my password for it either.

    I'm assuming it's something to do with the lack of HP profile servers, so what's the way around it?
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    You will bypass activation and put it in Dev mode. Sorry I don't have the link to the thread handy, but there's threads here by Preemptive and Alan M's PivotCE articles that explain how to set up now that HP servers are down. Keep searching until someone can post a link. Its doable.
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    You can also repair your other pre3 for 40 odd usd + shipping

    New Assembly LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer for HP Palm Pre 3 Black | eBay
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    So , was there damage to the back of your Pre 3? Not to make light of your loss, but I'm looking for a back as the one I have is smashed.

    And the link to bypass activation is:

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