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    got this message yesterday while my Pre3 was just sitting on the charger with no apps running. Said to use help for more info, but there is no help server anymore. I just did a reboot and put it back on the charger.
    This morning it states I must do a reset! Surprisingly that works even forcing me to a new password and taking me to a server from an email verification and I was able to log in. Now re=entering account passwords.
    I did not think there was any servers left running for a password reset, but it took me to
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    Heh. I'm not about to try, though! :P

    For reference, a solution to the "Application database full" is here: MojoDB Partition Resize - WebOS Internals

    You'll have to be comfortable with the command line.
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    My TouchPad did the same thing!! My beautiful original fire sale touchpad that hadn't been reset since January 2012. And it forced a reset. I have no idea what happened .. tons of data dumped into /var/db and I couldn't make sense out of any of it to try to fix it
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