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    Quote Originally Posted by iprice View Post
    I'm in exactly the same boat - I've "upgraded" my Pre2 to an Android device. Despite technically better specs on my Android phone, it just isn't as good as my old webOS device
    I played around with other family members' Android phones, and the UI was just too cumbersome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patapoof View Post
    I wonder what the learning curve would be to port cyanogen mod to the pre 3 ...I suppose it would be steep due to the screen dimensions, other stuff... I don't know ...I really would like to get it to happen... I have also reflected on what webOS would do for the Passport !!
    If you have this ambition, I would look into an older version of Cyanogenmod running on a piece of equipment such as the HTC Dream or G1 original or the HTC HD2, which is a veritable swiss army knife handset on the XDA Forums, which came with Windows Phone 6.5 (i think) and is capable of running windows phone 7, 8 and Android as well, which is pretty miraculous for such a device.

    The G1 was the first android device which came out around the original iPhone 3G....and there were users in the XDA Developer community able to run even 4.0-4.1 android on it - again, an amazing feat.

    There is software on the forums which allows you to cross or compile ROMS meant from one phone to a completely different device. I would hunt for one with comparable specs and then seek to use a converter tool I believe it might be called a "kitchen" of some sort, but I honestly have never used it and forget the name off hand) to make the leap to the HP Pre3. I am not a developer, but a heavy rom junkie, and have had about 10 different Android phones since they released.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    I just can't get over the space bar in between the third row. And I can't get around it needing two hands all the time.
    I got a Passport two months ago as well. And I agree with you completely. I pretty much love the device for all it is doing (BBOS10) and hardware but the keyboard does really trigger some hate-love. On the one hand it has big keys so it is basically easy to type on. On the other hand the three-row layout is ill-advised. And the fact that it is placed at the very outmost bottom of the phone makes you strain your thumbs a lot in order to reach the third row.
    And the space bar is to small and the symetrical layout makes it hard to know where you are with your fingers.

    I can type on my Pre3 without looking at it, but I cant do that with my Passport (I hope I will be able to do this in one or two years).

    I prais the stock tasks and calender app of BBOS10. They are better than webOS. The Hub is great as well, though it has some drawbacks. I find messaging not as ellegant as on webOS, but it works. Everything else is quite ok. Notification setting for profiles is superb on stock BBOS10. Lack of customization makes it not as powerful as webOS. With ModeSwitcher and Tweaks you could turn webOS into a versatile universal everything.

    These are just the most obvious thoughts. But there are many more. Maybe I can write some of this down somewhen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    *looks at my BlackBerry Classic*
    By the way, how is the classic. I think I would like the form factor much better than the Passport but fear the by now inferior hardware could take a lot away from the speed and swiftness of BBOS10 on the Passport.
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