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    Hi, I've been having an issue for years on different pre 2's and 3's where the body of an email tries to load, but the spinning wheel is quickly replaced by a black box. This issue was raised years ago but I haven't seen a solution except to keep going back and forth to next and previous email until eventually it works. It seems to get worse with a slower connection/worse reception and with larger, HTML-formatted emails. It feels like there's a timeout for rendering or something. This is number 1 productivity issue on my pre 3. If this was fixed I think I could keep using it for another year.
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    I took a screenshot of the email app showing the black box. Opening it in gimp, I was surprised to find that the box that appeard black on the screen is actually transparent (grey checkerboard pattern). I had to fill it in manually to show what it looks like on my pre 3. Occasionally, the box appears to have tiny specks in it - i.e. not compeletely black. Any ideas to investigate further are welcome.
    The body of the email in this cases actually just says "test"
    Thanks much
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    HTML email or plaintext?
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    On my pre3 I sometimes have the checkered screen on a webpage, when it does not completly load. See the black box less and less, but that might be cause I unsubscribed a lot of lists

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    HTML email or plaintext?
    Happens in both cases. I feel like it's more likely for HTML but don't have hard data to support that. The specific example here is base 64 encoded plaintext.

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    know problem, i had too (even on never sent draft-mails after an 2.x upsate) but don't remember an solution to:

    if you google Site search for "Mail black" you will find more threads

    Never had it again since then.

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