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    I'd set it up as a premium membership fee to a private club...Which happens to provide free update packages to those who would like to dl them.

    With such a subscription I'd be more inclined to check Preware for updates, because I'd expect someone to be there receiving and making them available.

    Wishful thinking...
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    I opened Preware and saw an update for Feedspider. It all still works as far as I can see. I think there is still a problem with the patch portal, so perhaps no updates there.

    Another thing that occurs as a temporary thing is linked below. Stuff that's likely to be of use to everybody can at least be linked there...
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    Today it begins to show me the database error again... Perhaps the new partition was too small but after check that palm's profile is still available (you could check it from within the backup application) I decided that the better will be restore the apps and info database (from restore options, in the info app).
    I've done it, palm servers are still working and my phone is "like new" so if you are getting this error the better you can do is restore the phone before Hp shutdown the servers definitively
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