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    A few days ago, a mystery little phone/keypad icon appeared on one of my Pre 3's (my daily driver). I have no idea what I did or changed to make it appear...has anyone ever seen this before? Here is a pic, it is just to the left of the WIFI icon...
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    I've seen this on other screen shots before. I took a guess that Telephone+keyboard = teletype. By enabling this (TTY) in the phone preferences, I got the icon. Before, I had a diagonal handset with an arrow. HAC brings up an Ear (maybe a setting for the hard of hearing?). Switching back did not bring the old icon back though and I'm not 100% sure what any of them are/do.

    Anyone want to enlighten us?
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    TTY (teletype - for hearing impaired people - don't know how it works, just what it is) has been turned on in your phone app settings. Edit: too slow on the reply this time
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    That was it! Somehow had turned on by mistake....doh.
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    I've had this exact scenario occur!

    Makes me wonder what other things are hidden in the phone we didn't get a comprehensive manual for.
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