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    Hello My Fellow WebOS Brothers & Sisters,

    I'm a Pre3 owner & lover of WebOS and with the imminent shutdown of HP servers by Jan.15, I thought I would post a quick message for "non-developers" like myself who need some help in backing up their device.

    Specifically, I'm advanced enough to already have Preware on my device and am VERY familiar with using it to install patches etc......but, after reading the Accuweather patch thread this evening.....I'm not sure how to install that patch to fix that particular issue etc.

    So, that's my first question = how do you install a basic patch? With Internalz? Internalz Pro?

    And, yeah, everyone can totally make fun of me.....I do NOT care because I absolutely LOVE this phone and refuse to "be assimilated" (by The Borg of Apple & The Borg of Android) simply because I'm not a raw-code expert.

    I am VERY technically-minded & adept at following directions but just need some expert and I am ***absolutely*** willing to pay for it !!!

    And, my second question is = if my basic goal is to create a "full backup copy" of my existing phone (as of today, 01-05-15) is the Meta-Doctor what I need to do that?

    Lastly, third & final question = do we know or do we expect a large number of the apps that require "call outs" for data (eBay apps, ESPN apps, etc...) to just "die" after the 15th? I read on a PivotCE post that that is NOT expected to happen but I wonder......

    Any help that a fellow WebOS Brother or Sister could provide - would be VERY much appreciated & Happy New Year to ALL because it's gonna get MUCH better after we ALL get = Rid of HP !!!!
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    You can use Internalz Pro to install ipks and patches. At the same time you can use preware (has an option to load a file) or wosqi from the pc.
    Personally I prefer Internalz Pro.

    For accuweather, is recommended you do a luna restart after adding the patch.

    About question 2, depends what you mean with full backup. If you want to have all your apps handy, you can use , this one if you don't want to interact a lot. and this if you want to also download more apps (you can download all the free ipks with this one)

    I know this is likely not the right answer to your question.

    About the last point, all apps will keep working as long as the service they link to is not changed ... in such case it will depend if it can or not be patched (for apps without any maintainer anymore), or if an update is issued by the developer.
    Exception to this is the picsel smart office for the touchpad, that apparently queries somehow the hp servers to activate (and the few other apps like it, if there are at all)... this one "may" get unusable if reinstalled past the 15th unless workarounds are found
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    Thank you VERY much for the quick reply and I'll immediately give these suggested solutions a try over the next few days and will post my results, asap!
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    Apps and some patches are packaged up as .IPK files - they include installation instructions for your machine.

    A simple patch is text with a .patch suffix. Preware doesn't do this, I think WOSQI does, but like Mazzinia, I use Internalz Pro.

    Meta-doctor is basically a custom ROM, so I think the answer is NO there.

    The accuweather patch fixes a problem caused when particular accu servers went offline or were changed or something. Now using the servers for the TP version. Most of these connections won't require a connection to HP. They may get switched off anyway. Some things will be patchable, some won't. Maybe alternatives will be possible.

    Regarding back up, I'm going to write an article on it - scary because I'm not very technical myself, but there are sources existing and I will post a thread for more answers...
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    technically what was suggested by someone elsewhere, would be sensible ( for a backup ) : dd
    The old forensic scripts I found and highlighted some weeks ago, actually create images of all the partitions on the phone/tablet , if I remember correctly.
    Again, if I remember correctly, extending those scripts to provide the opposite action (overwriting on the phone/tablet), removing the unneeded parts, and adding a simple text interface maybe, would maybe be enough to have a simple backup solution.

    In any case, phone or not, the os is linux / unix based.. as with all computers, making an image of the hd ( flash partitions ) once installed to a satisfactory point is more efficient than reinstalling from a factory image (that's basically what the doctor does).

    A note : a dd would save a crypted partition as crypted, and doubt it would restore on a "spare device" if the key is linked 1:1 to it. Dunno if a phone has his own key, or if instead it could initialize the crypted parts using a different key.
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    Thanks for the info...

    Do you have a link? I'll search for 'forensic'.
    Is it this? Not quite what I'm looking for, but I see some use to it.

    I'm a general user like the OP and I'm trying to create an easy guide like the ones we've already published on saving apps and setting up devices.

    I take the view that anyone not prepared to use WOSQI and install preware is going to have a degraded experience on webOS - think of all the apps and services that have been patched in the last year alone! Those not prepared to get their hands a little bit dirty should probably be on a more mainstream platform where it's all done for you.

    That said, we can't all be Linux experts. If it comes to that, maybe a few easy to follow lines of code will not put too many people off.
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    this one. The ipkg extraction script has a different usage (would say it would be useful to have the latest doctors exploded by it, to have the option to surgically fix a unit without doctoring)
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    Hmmm yes, but as the OP notes that's for webOS 1.+, which seems better documented than 2.

    Simple back up for 1+:
    How To: Back up your Palm Profile Information | webOS Nation
    PalmDatabase.db3 File - WebOS Internals

    I'm wondering what the differences are for webOS 2.+ (I assume 3.+ will have the same structure)
    Well, I'll post a proper thread for all this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Meta-doctor is basically a custom ROM, so I think the answer is NO there.
    meta-doctor is Makefile script for customizing doctors(rom), but also have backup capability of full device (tokens,nvram, boot partition, all lvm partitions)

    [How To] Create a backup of your device when in recovery mode, including apps
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    Intersting tidbit I somehow never read, will for sure try a backup that way

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre3 using Forums
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    Hmmm. I'm not sure. The first instructions are:
    First, setup Meta-Doctor on your desktop Linux (or OS X, haven't tried it though) by cloning the meta-doctor git-repository.
    The average user isn't using desktop Linux. Some devs on here have commented that they don't know git (which surprises me, but...). So installing a new operating system and then installing git, then cloning a repository...

    This is probably easy for those already running Linux and git, but quite a learning curve for everyone else.

    I was hoping that the access the the files system with Internalz and Impostah would allow extraction of relevant files that could then be added to a fresh install to restore the device - much like the app situation.

    But thanks for the advice so far.

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