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    Hello together,

    I bought two used Pre³s a while ago. Now I wanted to active them before Jan 15th.

    For a fresh start, I doctored both. But one of them got stuck in the "battery charging" problem. So I unplugged the phone (in the believe this would have no effect). I solved the problem by uninstalling novacom. (The doctoring went smooth the second time.)

    But before that I saw a dark shadow in the lower left-hand corner of the display. Now, I'm not sure if it was there when I bought it or not. I really can't remember whether it showed that spot before the doctoring or not. I didn't look that hard. I just did it while watching TV.

    So the question is: Could it really be that an aborted doctoring could have caused that?

    The phone has also a high pitch buzzing / humming. I don't know if it did that before either. But it certainly seems to be connected to the display failure.

    I really should have checked them better when I bought them

    Thx for input.

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    Without a clear photo of the "shadow", there's no way i could tell you for sure what it is, but i doubt the Doctor played a role in that. Instead, there may be an issue with the backlight, or a water-damaged LCD.

    The buzzing is normal to some degree, more apparent when the phone is powered down and placed on a will buzz for a few seconds before the charging circuit will figure out how to properly cycle between "charging" and "idle" modes. But louder buzzing while the phone is on, may mean that the Touchstone coil inside the phone's back is loose. You could check by switching the phone's back to the "good" phone and trying again.

    In any case, i hope you'll get a good year of use out of that Pre3, even if it's a "lemon", and ultimately a parts phone
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    not to intrude, but the pre3 here has never ever made any kind of buzzing sound
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    not to intrude, but the pre3 here has never ever made any kind of buzzing sound
    If you hold it up to your ear, you might hear it... although what the OP is talking about sounds like it's audible from a distance as well

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