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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Btw, can someone test if it works ?
    It works!!! Great!!! Thanks dude!!!
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    I tried accuweather but the keyboard doesnt work in the app. Anyone see this?
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    What would be the use of the keyboard , for accuweather ?
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    Entering locations....

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    ah, in that sense (... err.. I blame the bottles I drank yesterday night...)

    Had no issues adding a location by writing / looking it up
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    Is that the TouchPad app? It should be fine as it wasn't broken (and is working for me, adding a location via VKB...)
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    Also noticed the problem on my Pre3 last year. I tried to re-add my locations but that obviously didnt work. Not sure if the app should work now that Accuweather worked their magic but I still can't add new locations.
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    Worked last night when storms were rolling thru Illinois.
    This morning I get this when I click on the radar icon, "This page didn't load Google maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." Looks like everything else works.
    Anyone else getting this?

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    as shown in

    and following posts, there's an issue with the gmaps api from today. Further researches show that google changed their policy from today. In theory they mentioned that pre existing apps would not be impacted but.... clearly this is not the case.
    It may be just a question of waiting a few hours for our apps to be whitelisted, alternatively I guess we may have to try contacting Google...
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    Follow up...

    accuweather works regularly now ( map part )

    our own gmaps app works again. Feels even faster... prob a transition glitch
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