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    Hello! Used to iPhone's camera and back to my Pre3 I wonder if there is any app or patch to take photos in black and white. It is just because Pre3's has not a very sharp camera but in b&w would be great for me.

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    Why not just switch the photos to b/w post-taken via computer/graphic software?
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    I see a pattern...
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    Because the magic of an only original in bn is loss

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    It's a colour camera. The iphone camera is a colour camera. The only way to have a truly original B/W image is to use B/W film or a B/W video camera.

    Black and white images from phone cameras requires removal of the colour information. This might be done in the settings of a camera app, an image app on the device or a graphics program on your computer.

    The camera app on webOS has always been basic. Check the Photography section of the catalogue for on-device apps. E.g. PhotoFunia is free and can probably do B/W.

    Bottom line: There is no original B/W image. It's all post-processed and perfectly possible on or off device.
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    I use Photo Effects from the App Catalog, it pretty much does everything in the realm of B&W, Sepia, Negative, Rotations and mirroring. I'm sure there's many more available as well.

    I rarely used the camera on my previous phones, except for things like Snapchat, so I really only use this for rotating pictures when I forget to reenable the Accelerometer.

    The Pre 3 won't likely beat your iPhone in any photo competition, but it will do the job of taking a picture.
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    Thank you for the replies!

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