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    I noticed while fiddling with the carrierdb.json in a hope to stop my Pre3 from occasional reboots in 3G-mode that the carrierdb contains a setting for the HSPA Category.

    Anyone have a clue if a change of this setting could make the transfer speeds go up as long as the carrier supports them, or wont it matter?

    Both my Pre3 and Touchpad 4G have the same carrierdb setting for HSPA category of [0].
    The Touchpad reached close to 7.9 in while my Pre3 only got 1.2.
    Shouldnt the cpu of the Pre3 and Touchpad support the same 3G speeds, up to H+ if im not mistaken?

    Will try and find out what restrictions my carrier might have on my Pre3 data plan, what kind of speeds should be possible on a Pre3?
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    If two devices have the same setting but show different speeds, do you expect the setting to affect anything? Sounds like you've proven the setting is not a factor. But 1.2 is only 3g speed. Try to confirm you have h+ enabled at all. I'd be checking the apn for data is correct.
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    It is possible to have non-4G speeds even over a '4G' connection. I don't know if I screen captured it, but I got about 200kbps in the NetSpeed app over ATT H+ at my sister-in-law's place in the country.

    Oh, do you have Unthrottle Download Manager patch installed on your Preł? I don't remember the limit, just thinking out loud.
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    I suspect the issues is going to be in the support of the chipsets, and how the modems are configured at a lower level. There are tokens on the Pre3 that you can configure the modem with (I'd have to look at my notes for how to do it). But, if I recall, the Pre3 has less support for the higher speeds.

    Remember, all that 4G stuff is a marketing ploy. Or, was more so at the time of the Pre3. AT&T would put 4G on GPRS speeds if they could get away with it....
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Here's an app I think you'll like:

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