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    end of announcement
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    Congrats. What you had before
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    I was on my second pre2

    let me say thank you to this place...
    I'm having activation issues and while I was on the phone with verizon support I read thru some threads and saw that I should doctor up to 2.2.4 and we're now 1/2 way home
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    *228 on the verizon phone, press 2 to activate, enter your phone number, enter your PIN, wait for the program to complete.
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    Welcome to the club, sidotij!
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    just finished installing all my homebrew stuff....

    listing here mostly so I don't lose them again
    systoolsmgr service
    Advanced Reset Options
    Bypass PIN
    google sync for https
    Just charge by default
    Muffle System Logging
    Remove Dropped Packet Logging
    Select Alert and Notification Tones
    Sync Fix for Google COntacts
    Unhide Dev Mode Icon
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    AUSMT Sctipts
    GNU Patch
    Homebrew JSJSJS $Service$ $Framework$
    very responsive... looking into what is draining the battery so quick
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    Screen in 100% drink the battery as my car drink my gasoline...

    I suggest use the screen brightness in 20%, just to test...

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    yea I'm already in the 20-25% range
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    Google calendar sync can go nuts once in a while and gobble up data and battery.
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    thanks Grabber... Excellent tip
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    Sign out of google, skype, and any other chat application you're logged into. In messaging, tap Buddies, tap Available or at least make sure it says Offline.
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    No problem. I should have added that when my Pre2 does that, the only way to stop it is to disable the calendar on my google account for about 5-10 minutes and then turn it back on.

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