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    It's not really the carrier that matters. It's just activating the phone app.

    Seems to reset whatever gets hung up between ear, speaker, or wired head set, when i plug in a headset and instantly lose all audio, which happens frequently when i do aux out audio in a car. That's why i use BT mostly.

    The phone app forces the music audio back to the jack upon terminating the vm call. Music plays again. So it's a software issue there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    He is running a "FrankenPre"... An ex-GSM Pre2 with a Sprint (CDMA) radio board taken from a Pre-
    way over my pay grade...
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    i have a pre 3, that i would be willing to sell never use it anymore (it hurts everytime i have to go back to ios)
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