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    Just got the Moto360 last night and the first thought was... "dang, I'd love to pair this with my Pre3 !". Unfortunately, it's Android Wear, so not much of a match there. So sad to think of where Palm would have been at this time if the Apotholypse hadn't happened. They could have some incredibly cool stuff out like this.

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    Is there an open-source version of Android Wear? If so, then it's only a matter of time.
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    LG just had their watch go through FCC, supposed to be a 'stand alone' watch with its own 3g. Hoping against hope its webOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by -dunn View Post
    LG just had their watch go through FCC, supposed to be a 'stand alone' watch with its own 3g. Hoping against hope its webOS
    Interestingly, I think they could do that. If you think about it, Android Wear is a version of Android & Apple's 'Watch OS' is apparently a version of iOS. Pebble OS is something else entirely, but can work with iOS & Android, Samsung is using Tizen or Android Wear while Sony is using something called Micrium.

    So, in a (sort of) new or emerging market, there are 5 different OS's. You could easily throw in a 6th which I guess would need to be a 'mini-webOS'.

    Maybe the current stuff just needs to work with a phone and then it's the interface, the hardware design, features and price that will determine success. If it goes towards stand-alone watches, then the quality of the OS may be a factor. Some features of webOS may be an advantage - synergy & multi-tasking perhaps, but cards on a watch face? Maybe another redesign like that for TVs will be needed.

    It may be that the market doesn't shake out the way it did with phones. How many apps do you need on a watch? It may be that the combination of HW design, features and UI will be the major selling points and personal taste may allow more diversity in those combinations.

    So a webOS watch? Why not? But I'm not expecting to see it. What does the current LG watch run? Which division makes it? TV division? Phone division? A new watch division?

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