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    so, for a simpleton like me, is there any way to get my thing back in action? ...that would be to be able to sync my hp pre 3 calendar with my outlook 2010 calendar ...i usta use google but they broke it on purpose to make us hate them even more ...what to do now to get this to go??

    by the way, I tried one free calendar sync which has a $9.99 "pro" version... it put on spyware that took me a whole day to get rid of ...sheesh !!
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    Have you tried the google sync patch to get it working again ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marshalla99 View Post
    Have you tried the google sync patch to get it working again ?
    yes, I have tried it a number of times, installed, uninstalled, reset, reinstalled ...still no joy ...what to do ??
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    My sync still works. But the snyc of tasks broke
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    I had the sync issue and simply went into accounts, removed my gmail account, then installed the patch, then reset the device, then added the gmail account back after that and it worked again.
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    Can outlook talk to caldav servers? Or is there a server that speaks caldav and to outlook? Then you could try the c+dav connector. It is still actively developed.

    Don't know if there is a way to get outlook calendar to sync with owncloud for example or something... owncloud caldav sync works pretty good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    Can outlook talk to caldav servers? Or is there a server that speaks caldav and to outlook?
    Outlook does not support C*DAV; there are a few third-party connectors, none of them free (if you know otherwise, please prove me wrong); I've heard good opinions on Bynari WebDAV Collaborator and Comodo OutlookDAV, but I have never tried any of them.

    As of server-side solutions, SOGo with Openchange should work (funny thing: the same setup is referred to as "SOGo with OpenChange connector" on SOGo site and "OpenChange with SOGo backend" on OC ). Kolab and Zarafa have C*DAV support, both use proprietary connectors for Outlook and don't let me use my favourite SMTP server as backend, so I ignore them

    There are probably other solutions speaking MS MAPI and C*DAV, this is the few I know something about.

    There's another possibility -- ActiveSync. Don't mistake ActiveSync with Outlook/Exchange synchronization; they're two different things, but Outlook 2013 does talk AS. Or can be forced to (by default it works with hotmail and only). ActiveSync is somewhat better supported than MAPI, so maybe we can add Tine and Horde (and SOGo without OpenChange, and probably many more) to the list of server-side solutions. There's an article on how to trick Outlook 2013 into connecting to non-MS ActiveSync servers:
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    I could suggest trying an Outlook add-in to sync with Gmail.
    Pretty easy to use and setup, and Iv recommended this to several people (also on here) as an alternative after Google Calendar Sync stopped working.

    Try EVO Collaborator for Outlook from ECO. Easy to setup and offers a great sync.

    If you want to know a bit more about this add-in you can check this related blogpost :

    CardDAV and CalDAV: How to sync android with iCloud calendar / contacts (or Zimbra contacts)

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