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    I thought my newly bought Pre 3 was perfect, until I opened up an application and BAM, the screen had a black bar running though it, then the screen slowly dissolved to black. I turned the screen on and off, but the issue persisted. Continued annoyance forced me to run the Dr. I did so, and I am still seeing the issue. (Even without preware, a custom kernel, or any patches installed)

    My question: Is this issue fixable, or is this somehow hardware based?

    Any advice would be deeply appreciated.
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    The screen of my second Pre3 dissolves to black from time to time and I noticed that it happens when I open the slider to strong or fast.
    When it happens, I directly close the slider and press the power button to turn off the screen. After turning back on the screen it's normal again and I can open the slider carefully.
    Sometimes it needs two times of turning on and off the screen and moving the slider a bit.

    But it also happened once within the camera app and there I wasn't able to rescue it like described above. Instead I had to reboot,

    I think it's the flexcord of some Pre3's that make up the problem and there was something written in the forums about it.

    I hope this helps somehow
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    It sounds like a hardware issue but you could try this in novaterm:
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