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    Hi all,
    Whilst not really a WebOS problem

    I use outlook on my comp at home & its calendar to keep my life in order..
    It has for several years been absolutely flawless...
    With a little app called Google Calendar Sync running in the background... ALL my appointments etc sync nicely between my PC, Android tablet, and WebOS Pre 3 ...

    Until that is, starting about a week ago or so, EVERY time i run Calendar Sync, i now get a pop up error:

    "Error Syncing your calendar, Error code 2016. Please see our help Centre for more info"

    Now whilst i appreciate that Google 'did' mention that support for syncing with outlook was going to be dropped from the end of 2013.
    GCS 'has' been working anyway up until recently.

    Is this YET ANOTHER thing that Google has decided to f*cking break unnecessarily, when they 'could' have just left it alone!!!?

    Of course my question is... WHAT alternative exists out there that i can use to Sync my Outlook WITH the Webos calendar etc?? Does MSN have an online calendar & I just switch accounts, thus only use Google for Contacts, with my MSN email for Calendar?

    Of course in the meantime ... F*ck Off Google!!! GGGGRRRRRR! :-D
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    Can you go to Google calendar from the browser? Save it as a bookmark?
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    I had an email in the last month or 2 that said google were stopping google calendar sync from working.

    So yes its another thing google have stopped like gnotify

    I havent got an alternative but i certainly want one otherwise I might as well go back to palm desktop and get a proper backup rather than the outlook fudge.
    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3
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    Was there ever a project to sync webOS with Palm desktop? Maybe it was Chapura (now defunct, some options listed on the site).

    EDIT: Er there was an ad at the bottom of this thread. Sync Outlook and Google Calendar and Contacts. Sync2 - Synchronize Microsoft Outlook on multiple PCs without a server. Any use? I guess that's targeted advertising in action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    Can you go to Google calendar from the browser? Save it as a bookmark?
    This is what I do all day on my laptop.

    But this week I noticed that my Pre3 calendar (with Ubercalendar patch) no longer syncs from Pre3 to Google.
    But from Google I can recieve calendar updates to my Pre3. But not the other way round ..

    Something is broken in calendar sync with Google.
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    Google can shove their finger up their Arse and sniff it!

    Here's a FREE alternative to google calendar sync that i've just found.

    Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google Calendar

    It takes a bit more configuring, but works fine

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    Anyone having any luck getting that Android card to work?
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    They don't have to ... For now.
    I just created an event on my phone and it synced up fine with my TP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 60RH View Post
    They don't have to ... For now.
    I just created an event on my phone and it synced up fine with my TP.
    Um, I don't know of which you speak. I haven't used my Touchpad in awhile: I need to change out the battery (I'm hoping) and I haven't gotten that kit yet to pry it open. (Since I already have cracks in the case, I suppose that one or two more wouldn't hurt it, huh?) Can this 'event' be set up on the phone, please, which is where I really, really want it to be.

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    they say it will work with webos but all it does on the hp pre 3 ...states one should be able to add/delete/modify calendar entries... doesn't seem to do that ...why is this such a mess ?
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    Pre 3, Kindle Fire HDX, and laptop with Google calendar and Google contacts syn without a problem.

    Used both yesterday.

    Using the google syn patch from several weeks ago.
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    According to the OP, This thread is about sync'ing MS outlook with Google. (so it needed a clearer title). As webOS should be syncing with Google, this makes for indirect sync with Outlook.

    A properly patched webOS device should be able to sync with Google calendar. If it doesn't, that's for a different thread.

    If webOS won't sync, a work-around could be to use the web version of the Google calendar. I don't know how old the support page linked above is, but it certainly claims to be optimised for webOS. If it doesn't work, that should probably be on a third thread.

    I'm posting this because the thread seems to be about a few different issues and I got confused! ;-)
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    If you're having a problem with Google Calendar failing to sync, take a look at this patch.

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