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    I really love my pre3.. have plenty other phones and gagdets like note 2 huawei ascend mate galaxy camera xperia z tablet ipad geeksphone Revolution etc.

    But I prefer my hp over them.

    So whar about Facebook? The messenging function is what I truly need.. no other apps than that.

    The web page doesnt really have a well working messenger. I have to update the page manually.. like f5 on browsers on pc.. lol.

    Thats not useable. So are there other options left that work nowaday? Any of them for free? (Dont like to pay for apps that were discontinued or even broken bcuz of the age..)

    Greetz from Germany
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    Hi, Kevin,

    First and foremost -welcome to the forums!

    I don't use Facebook chat too frequently, so I don't have much first-hand experience with this, but you can check out this thread. It seems as if some of the clever folks here got a messenger client working.

    Hope this helps!

    LG Venus -> Palm Prē Plus -> Apple iPhone 5 -> HP Veer -> HP Prē 3 -> HTC One (M8)
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    The paid app in the catalog from @pcworldsoftware isn't broken or abandoned, and works perfectly.
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    thanks for replying me.. well.. I don't have a cc to pay this app. Only normal bank card and paypal.

    And this tutorial.. hm I will try it out this day I think. Hope it will work

    The only problem in discontinued devices is the lack of support..just like my nokia n900 and palm pixi plus...which are acutally sleeping very well in my desk..because with n900 there isnt really much you can actually do nowadays.

    Hope its not that bad with the pre3. .

    Then there was the chance for my belobed pre3 to bey first phone again.

    Kind regards
  5. #5 is great on pre3 & has toggleable chat integrated... Paid fb app works fine & paid fb chat app is good & has notifications when in background...
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    Instead of you can also use

    It has got a well more pretty design, looks almost exactly like the app for android smartphones, There you’ve got buttons for friends, messages and news feed. On the left side are three stripes. Click onto them and you will get to the menu. It’s pretty good to use.
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    x does not scale adequately on pre 3 & is slower to load while m scales fine & notifications for togglable chat feature & messages are on face while in x they are in the menu... Personally, for the pre 3 I prefer the m version...

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