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  • $1 - 50: Only at bargin bin prices

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  • $51 - 99: Very cheap but worth having

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  • $100 - 200: Worth paying a premium for an old product

    18 51.43%
  • $200+: Pay whatever it takes. Pre 3 is still the best phone out there!

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    In your opinion, how much is the Pre 3 worth these days? (I'm assuming either mint in box or like new)

    I would primarily be using it as a phone 40% of the time and an internet browser 60% of the time. I've always wanted one to play around with and because it's the last device released by Palm. (I refuse to give HP any credit since they took Palm's hard work and flushed it down the toilet.)

    Just curious what you guys think! Thanks!
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    If you have good H+ service, it's a slick phone. Use one while you can.

    It does have more quirks then the popular new choices, but there's nothing out there like it. Except the smaller and extra smaller versions of course.

    But what it's worth to us is simply an interesting poll of opinions. What it's worth to you is all that matters. If you see one within your budget just get it.
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    Still worth it!

    Using a Veer at the moment, since my Pre 3 got stolen a while ago, but am eager to have a Pre 3 again!

    Just looking for the right opportunity to buy, almost had one a few days ago for around 90, would have been 100 including postage, missed the end of the auction though...

    Better luck next time.

    (Oh and in storage in my home-country I still have a Pre 3 Frankenstein, a 16 GB Pre 3, with a Euro comm board. I just do not have any option on getting at it easily. ;-)
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    I'm still using my Pre3 (and I have a spare).

    If you get a new one, be sure to load the Google Sync patch to fix the HTTPS problem or your new phone won't be able to sync with Google.
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    I want to find another phone that I'd like as much as my WebOS ones.. and I can't.. so the Pre3 is as good as it gets still for me.

    How much is it worth? I bought an 8Gb one before Christmas that cost me around 150$, problem was, 8GB doesn't go very far... and out of the blue, my luck was that I found a local person that was selling his Pre3 16GB for a bit less than that, but since I went and picked it up, he sold it to me for 100$.

    It's smaller than most phones out there, but for me, it's part of the charm. I still love my Pre2, but now find it quite small once I got used to my Pre3, which still fits very well in a shirt pocket.

    Its slick black tone, its solid built makes most other phones I see look so freaking cheap. The keyboard is still something that I wouldn't want to do without. And I love the fact that I can bury every phone (that I've heard) out there with its speaker.

    So until there's absolutely no choice.. I'm sticking for the long road ahead.
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    I see a pattern...
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    I got a Pre 3 back in April but just now I could find a friend that went to the US and brought me the phone (I am in Peru). It is an amaaaazing phone in these days, for my needs of course. After a week it is fully operational with patches, kernels, themes, etc. etc!
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