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    I was doing a factory reset on my palm 3 when the battery went dead. Now I am stuck in what appears as a boot loop. I do not have the webOS doctor and can not find it any where on the Internet to download. Can someone please help me out? Thank you
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    I'm surprised you could not find the doctor, but maybe it's one of those things that is only easy to find if you know the right search terms. Whenever I'm looking for this link to give someone I just google 'webosdoctor versions webosinternals' and this is the first result: That page contains the download links to Palm/HP for every released webOS device. That will help you if you ever need to find it again.

    Given you are having an issue, I recommend running the doctor from a command prompt so you can see the messages it writes out during the process (and there are a lot of them! ). The command is: java -jar webosdoctorfilename (use full paths where necessary for the java executable and doctor filename. I prefer to cd to the directory where I saved the file toake things easier).

    You will need to get your phone into recovery mode. I think even during a boot loop, you can still press the Opt (the button with the gray square) + Sym + R to reboot the phone. Keep holding the R key down until the USB symbol appears on the screen. Leave it sitting this way until the doctor asks you to plug in your phone.

    If it fails, post the output messages here and someone can help you.
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    Thank you so much for the help. I will now perform the operation! Hopefully, I can figure this out. It is a little above my skill set.
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    You're welcome. If you run into more questions, just ask - that's why we are here.

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