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    for some time I have had a problem with Preware and AppTuckerbox.

    Each time I start Preware, I get this error:
    Unable to run command /usr/bin/curl -s -l --user-agent Preware --location --fail --show-error 2>&1
    curl: (7) couldn't connnect to host

    How can I get rid of this error?


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    Disable or remove the apptuckerbox feed. It no longer has access to the Palm servers, so it's not of any use anymore.
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    For the last several days I have been getting the same error message on both of my Pre 3's. I deleted AppTucker Box a few months ago when I read it was no longer functional.
    Preware will not run w/o error messages. On one phone the error message is short, about 1/3 screen but the other is full screen.
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    did you go to "manage feed" in preware and turn off the three apptuckerbox feeds "palm-beta", "palm-catalog" and "palm-web"?

    My TP didn't complain anymore afterwards.

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    I am glad that old men like me who think they know cell phones but have limited knowledge have really smart people like HerrSchwarz5 to solve my cell phone problems.

    "Manage feed" was the solution.


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