I have a Pre 3 I'm trying out on a monthly plan. When I powered up the phone with the SIM card installed, everything downloaded properly - contacts, programs, etc. However, I've found two interesting things, and I'm hoping someone can tell me whether I can or need to fix anything.

1) On my webOS profile, the phone is listed, but the product number doesn't appear. Neither does the name of the device. I have two Touchpads on the same account, and only one of them has a name showing in the webOS profile page. I'm assuming that model of the phone being "Manta(ATT)" and not "Pre3" is not a problem, since Manta is the name attached to the doctor for the phone. Can I add these items to the profile somehow? Is this necessary?

2) When I tried to download the doctor from HP, I was told that the phone had a bad serial number. The serial number I get through Device Info is the same as the serial number in the profile listing. However, I get a different serial number using Statter. Another poster had the same problem of a bad serial number, but aside from being pointed to the doctor in a different location, no other explanation or solution was offered. Can I/Do I need to change this as well?

Any help someone would like to offer would be appreciated.