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    Today I was going on app catalogue to look for games to add to my Pre 3. I get an update notice on the bottom of the screen and when I tap and update, my app catalogue no longer works. It comes up with a black screen. What is going on and does anyone else have this problem.
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    just checked, I don't see any update offered here ( eu pre3 2.2.4 ).
    I've opened also the sw manager, to doublecheck.

    Did you doctor your phone recently ? Or did you not use it for some months ? ( since various months ago they offered an update that coincided with the certificate expiry/renewal )
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    No doctoring, updated certificate months ago. Have had no problems. Restarted, pulled battery no help just get black screen when I tap on app catalogue app. Thought about trying to remove app, but without app catalogue how would one get it back?
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    I had this problem on my Touchpad, all of my accounts were locked, including my webOS profile account...

    I did not research what was the issue, I attempted to use impostah to remove my webOS profile and then re-associate it but the account database was too corrupt.

    I had to re-doctor (which I have a custom doctor with all updates including certificate), I then re-signed in and pulled down my profile (which was corrupt) and it would not fail to download my profile, I had to use my phone profile (which was the same), and then it downloaded some of my apps (I am glad I backed up my apps, would have lost 30% or more)...

    Is you issue similar or does you backup(s) and other webOS profile parts work fine?

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