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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland View Post
    I've got a similar problem here. The only difference is that I'm not looking to actually make my Pre 3 work as a phone again...

    ... I just want to access it as a USB device to pull off some priceless pictures of my son's first couple of years and our family trips.

    I was hoping I could I could bypass the battery issue by not putting a battery in it and just plugging it in.

    I'm not very good at electronics such as pulling things apart and trying deal with the physical memory storage.

    Anyone have any ideas of what I can do?
    If you see the question mark, and have no battery installed, that is normal.

    Barry started this thread because he couldn't eliminate the question mark with a battery installed. That was an indication his battery was faulty, and wouldn't initiate the charging cycle.

    You cannot simply run the phone without a battery. If you bought one, then plugged it in to your PC via USB, it should power on and give you the option to connect USB drive only.

    You computer may need the novacom drivers installed i think, to recognize it as USB. Install WOSQI v4.60 is the latest i believe.

    One other thing you could try, is to force the BIG USB symbol. Let's see if i remember this:

    Put the cable in the pc.
    Hold the power and volume down keys simultaneously
    Plug the cable into phone

    I think that's how you prep it to run the Doctor. At that point you would install the battery and run the Doctor on your pc. But maybe just maybe it will let your pc access the drive without a battery. Longshot at best. Good luck.
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    I am willing to help you. It's most likely your pre3 will work with a good battery. PM me if you want my assistance and we will work something out.
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    Sorry that I disappeared on this thread. I got really, really busy and put it aside for a later day. I guess today is the later day.

    To TJs11thPre, I do have a battery installed. I got the question mark error with it, so I thought I could at least boot without a battery (while connected) to use as a USB drive to get the files off.

    Thanks creepingmee, I will PM now. Sorry that it is so late.
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    Please dont recycle phone if you cant fix, sell it for parts or donate , Pre3 parts are desperately needed.
    I need back cover and case plastic. sure other could use LCD and PCB, etc.
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    I understand. I will probably keep it around for 30 years if I can't fix it. I'm not going to recycle the hardware with family pictures on it.
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    buy a cheap no brand powerbank from ebay or discount store, they have small charging circuit that you could connect to your pre3 battery to charge it.
    or if you have small camera they often also use singe cell li-ion battery , you could use it to also charge your battery.

    I have done reverse, use cell phone to charge camera battery, took some inventive use of card board and rubber bands to hold contacts together.

    you can also buy universal chargers like this.

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    That's a great idea Firepower. I bought a brand-new, never-used, OEM battery from Ebay a few days ago and it should be here on Saturday or so. I'm going to try that first.

    I do have a Sony Cybershot camera, but the battery is vastly different. If it looked like it was the same, I'd give it a shot.

    My concern is that, as others have mentioned, once you get into the question mark state, a working battery doesn't appear to help.
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    You should hopefully be good-to-go with a decent OEM battery replacement.
    Anyone recall the 'Mugen' extra capacity replacement battery saga, where it is likely that the firmware installed (in the battery) just wasn't communicating proerly with that in the Pre3 phones? ::

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    Yep, got the OEM battery and it worked great.
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