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    I have had & used gleefully the free url to pdf app on occasion but it stopped working si I decided to uninstall & reinstall but thee app catalog shows the launch bar although the app is uninstalled & the icon isgone in launcher... I have rebooted joy... I purchase the paid app of similar name & it hasn't worked at all. Local PDF files open fine in the viewer & in picsel office. What to do? Woe is me!!
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    I am accustomed to great help in these forums...

    this time I have not seen any response....

    some help with this please...

    maybe someone has the ipk so I can try webosqi ??
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    Probly no one has had that problem. Besides not too many folks dwell around here anymore
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    what would be of use is knowing what file from what folder to delete to make app catalog show it to be installed as it now shows launch while it's not there...all this resulting from a prior uninstall that must have failed... I want this app... The other paid one has NEVER worked... This FREE one was great !!
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    Have you used Internalz to locate and remove any leftovers of the app since uninstalling? Don't know if it would fix your specific issue, but it would be worth a shot.

    I have seen leftovers under media/cryptof/apps/usr/palm/applications, services, and packages as well as media/internal/appdata, .developer.

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    couldn't find leftovers sadly
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    everything seems sorta dead... Old standard places to find ipk downloads gone... Magicapps has lost its magic...
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    would some kind person extract a pre 3 ipk of this for me ?
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    cannot remove it, cannot replace it, woe is me !!

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