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    As with Android apps (& I presume iphone apps, however have never owned an iphone, & never will)..
    Apps that are currently installed, are either 'automatically' updated, or at least prompt that an update is available...

    I'm just curious about the HP appstore, in that 'IF' apps 'were' being kept up to date, would it too inform when updates would have been available / automatically updated?

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    yes, you will be informed, if an update to one of your apps from the app catalog is available.
    For preware apps, that are not in the hp catalog, you will get an info when you run preware.

    And yes, it does still happen, sometimes...

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    Good to know... :-)
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    Feedspider is champion here!

    I has received his notifications about updates in last times...

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    Yes. I recommend everyone to install Feedspider just to get the update notification from time to time... it really feels... like it's not dead yet.

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