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    In re-instating my patches on my Pre 3,
    In line with following recommendations given in the 'Big Patch Thread' ...
    I have BOTH Buttah AND the Mojo apps, that supposedly do things like smooth animations etc..
    However, considering that there might be a certain amount of 'overlap' in what they, do,
    'Might' they actually 'clash' in them both trying to 'smooth' the same things etc at the same time?

    Are there any other apps, or combination of apps, that devs/experts/ Old timers, know actually may well slow the phone down? Or are otherwise detrimental to the performance in some way?

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    Anyone in the know..... know?
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    *bump again.......*
    Anyone have any thoughts on patch 'clashes'??
    In the end, I removed 'Buttah & kept the Mojo tweaks.. & Luna, 'does' seem to be running more smoothly..

    But as mentioned, perhaps a thread on patches from different developers that perform similar functions that might 'clash', with tips on which are the best to choose, might help..
    I know there is already the 'Big Patch' thread... So perhaps an addendum to that... to help 'refine' installs... As 'clashes' / 'overlaps' are not really taken into account?
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