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    I agree it probably isn't the backup.
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    I was told they use the browser on devices WebOS consuming capacity
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    I'm dealing with this issue as well.

    With the same apps installed I usually used a 524 MG data plan. Then I upgraded to 1GB data Plan and now -from several months until now- it doesn't even last for a month.
    On top, NetStat is not even working -apparently just for me!- anymore, so I cannot know when my Preł is getting more busy on the net.

    I haven't installed any app that requires much data usage, so I can't explain why my data plan keeps falling short about 10 days from date line.

    I would love if somebody gets to solve this (probably an app that could measure data plan usage per each app).

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    One thing I notice that really uses up my data is GuttenPodder (or the various other flavours of this podcatching app). When it starts a download, if the data source changes (3G/2G switching, Wifi coming and going or changing hotspot) it restarts the download. If I try to start a download via network data on the move it will frequently restart many many times and result in a total download of as much as 10 times the total size of the downloaded file.

    Last month Netstat tells me I used 6GB of network data and 14GB of wifi. This could well be true because I did have some significant problems with a few podcasts. Strangely my network provider says I only used 145MB and suggests switching to a lower data tariff but I can only think that is an error because even just email and syncing gets me up to 8-900MB.
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