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    Does anyone have an idea what is happening with the app Accu Radio?? Is not working for Pre2, Pre3 and TP

    Please Help
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    Downloaded and tried on Pre 2, search query/browse does not work at all for me either.
    Add another broken app to the list.
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    That sucks. Don't use a webOS device anymore but AccuRadio was one of my favorites...

    Have a windows phone now and of course no love for WP by AccuRadio.
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    AccuRadio seems to have added an authentication. Problably needs a login to work, just as in the android app. Should be a modification that could be done by one of our gifted homebrew developers. Any volunteer?

    [edit] I just started a thread in the AccuRadio support forum. It's awaiting moderation, I'll report later.

    04-14-2014 Still awaiting moderation. [/edit]
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