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    Quote Originally Posted by DamionMilliken View Post
    You're right, Vas. About the same time you posted, my FB contacts magically started arriving.

    Curiously, after I added my FB contacts to Yahoo, my Yahoo contacts stopped sync'ing with my Pre3 ... Hopefully it's not another

    Yahoo made the https-only change for contacts months ago, and there is a patch for it in my signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    You had photos in Facebook on your Veer before? Perhaps they recently forced you to https-only as they continue converting all accounts. Do you have webOS 2.1.2 on your Veer?
    Yeah I had pics and then a few months back they wouldn't show up anymore. The other weird thing is when I go to the mobile website,, it treats it like a file download and I get a progress bar. The 'file' is some random letters with .php as the file extension. My Veer is running 2.1.2.
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    FB photos seem to mysteriously come and go on my Pre3. Sometimes they're there, somtimes they're not. It all seems a bit flakey, but as FB is a low priority for me, I'm none too worried.
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    Strangely, I have 105 FB contacts, and even after all this time, only 100 of them seem to have sync'd. There may still be something wierd going on.
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