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    Hi All,
    Does anyone know of a decent , working and available Bookmark importer, ideally that will pull in my bookmarks from Chrome?

    I looked up Gmarks, which seemed like the perfect solution. But sods law, the developer appears to have puked & whimped out on it, as it looks like it is no longer available for download? (Is there a way to get this still? - Maybe via a pm & an email attachment from someone here?)

    There appears to be available: Opera Bookmarks ... But it is 2.03 - Thus if i'm going to 'pay', i'll want to know for sure that it DOES work floorlessly.

    I HAVE tried Xmarks .. but didn't like it.. you're essentially browsing to a website & have to mess about re-logging in all the time..

    So any good suggestions? - Anything in the works? Anything on Preware or WOSQI?
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    I have opera bookmarks and it work flawlessly.

    And how come you using chrome when opera desktop is the best browser there is, like the webos of browsers. Or used to be anyway.

    I say this because starting with Opera 15 they changed what people loved about it. Now every thing is separate with mail and notes and so on being different app or something like that.

    I recommend downloading opera 12.16 and learn how to stop it from upgrading. Also if you don't want to buy the app you can just bookmark your opera links page and that will have your opera bookmarks, notes, etc

    Any problems/questions you can send me a private message
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    Does anyone know what's happened to Gmarks?

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