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    How difficult would it be to fix the USB port socket?

    Right now, I have to push a little towards the back to have good contact and charge my HP PRE3
    The phone charges normally through the touchstone.

    I am sure something must be loose, but I am not sure how to fix it.

    I could in theory swap the motherboard with another Pre3 I have around here whose case is cracked and the battery cover is quite ugly, but then I think I would have to reinstall everything again! Will it be difficult to perform such swap?

    I'd like some advice here!


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    Oooo... that depends. How closely have you troubleshooted (troubleshot?) and inspected the connection? Could be:
    1) The fault is actually on the end of the microUSB cable
    2) There is debris in the phone's port
    3) The port contacts are worn or damaged

    1 is easy. Is a new microUSB cable better? If so: yay! 2 is kind of easy. If the port's clogged, then hitting it with a blast of compressed air might fix it, depending how loose the debris.

    If it's 3... I'd say you're kind of hosed. Replacing just the port would be a bit much. Just for parts you may end up buying a whole new phone if you can't get just the part you need, so why not replace [the whole phone]?

    Anyway, if you have to go that route, did you check Rod's Pre 3 teardown? That and some other threads on the PCBs would give a sense of what's connected to what. I personally don't remember what else is on the Pre 3's different boards:
    Pre 3 Disassembly - a set on Flickr
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