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    I reactivated my Pre3 after using a Pre 2 for a bit, and it said I had to reboot to re-sign into my profile, so I did, and now its stuck on the flashing HP logo. I tried putting it into recovery mode, but it is not working. Please Help Quickly.
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    Have you waited long enough? Possibly the activation didn't take, and it's reinitializing again. If that fails, format /dev/store/var and the phone should start over.
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    Whenever any of my devices seem to be stuck in a boot loop, I ssh in (novaterm on linux (maybe mac too) or ssh/putty if you've installed the pdk ssh server stuff) and watch /var/log/messages. If I see it repeatedly scanning for packages to install (and showing the same ones repeatedly) I issue a reboot command and it stops. If that isn't it, at least you have the opportunity to look for error messages and try to find the problem.
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