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    Hi together,

    I already searched through the forums several times but did not find any remark on this yet:
    Right from the beginning I remarked a screen flickering of my Pre3. I is actually only visible when
    the background light is set fairly bright and a major part of the screen color is dark - e.g. when
    the launcher is visible. It looks like a slow screen refreshing...

    I wonder whether this is just a fault of my device or whether it is a design issue. And if it is the latter,
    perhaps there is a solution?

    Anyone experienced the same?

    Btw. I installed every patch concerning the flickering in Mojo.

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    I've been having an issue with it flickers from bright to whatever brightness level I have, but I'm more concerned about the screen fading. Ever so often the screen will fade out, I will see a strip of my screensaver at the top and in the middle of the screen. If I press the power button to turn the screen off and on it will come right back. i know this is not NORMAL, but it common with the pre 3?
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    Ive had this since my carrier implemented a change this summer, screen starts to fade and the phone reboots. I only get it while in 3G-mode.

    Yesterday I unboxed my spare Pre3 to have it setup and working prior to the coming shutdown of webos services, that one also crashed with the same screen issue.

    I even tried getting a new SIM-card but the issue wont go away.

    I know my carrier implemented a change to activate HD-voice over the 3G network, got an SMS asking me to reboot and since that day ive been forced to use 2G to avoid the screen fading issue. My hope is that its just an incorrect setting in the carrierdb.json or something else that could be fixed by modding my phones, any ideas?
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