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    Can anyone tell me what streaming music service is available for 2.2?
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    Can anyone tell me what streaming music service is available for 2.2?
    I use Pandora every day. I have accuradio and tunein installed but use them rarely. These should all be in the app cat along w Grooveshark snd Spotify.
    Did u look there? They all work on 2.x
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    I use Pandora and TuneIn. I used to use Internet Radio for Shoutcast stations (forget if it was from Preware or the App Catalog) but quit using it when I got into the other apps.
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    I used to use tunein a lot but now some of the stations that used to work are saying un-supported, even 99 jamz one of the biggest stations in miami and one of my favorite jamaican stations.

    I was saved by reciva. Just have to find the proper stream url, which is sometimes not an easy task since some stations have the url buried somehow in the player cause they don't want us to stream without seeing the ads on the website.

    I downloaded an app called url helper and played the stream and it gives a list of what stream urls are active. Copy and paste into Reciva

    I also have spotify premium.
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    Thanks! I didn't mention though, that I live in Vietnam. So some music services will not work here, ie licensing issues. Grooves hark and deezer will work, so will Xbox music and Nokia Music. Spotify won't work either unless I do some proxy funny business, which I may.
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