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    I have Pre3 that I got out of England when they were released, but in the end, though it's always on my desk, I found pretty soon that I much preferred the Veer that I got the same week (I also have a couple of Touchpads). Ironic, really - since the Veer was $79 off Ebay, and iirc, the Pre3 was $6-700.

    In any case, I was going to just stick it up on Ebay, but then I though there might be someone here that would want to have one that had been very lightly used? Does anyone have an idea of the going value?

    Thank you.
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    American keyboard? If so I'm interested. Used seems to be under 200. New is slightly over 200.
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    To US sellers, if it's a UK Pre 3 it's a harder sell. 8 GB and no ATT 850 MHz. But otherwise, yeah. Maybe $170-250 USD with +/- depending on condition.
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    OP... if you are selling the item, please post it in the Marketplace forum following the template posted in the Marketplace Rules sticky.

    Thank you

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