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    So I have a Verizon Pre 3, that I have decided to keep but I have a question regarding the use of Preware on the Pre 3. Is it really worth it? I mean I don't normally tend to use preware unless its on the touchpad and then I go all out . It's just concerning how hard it was for me to find one, im hesitant to use it. So im curious to Pre 3 owners what are the ups and downs from using it? Include boot time probs etc anything will help.
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    I clicked on your thread to find out what / why / how Preware was making your Pre 3 unstable - because I hadn't heard that problem before.

    Reading it, I think the title needs a question mark at least, if not a different title.

    My Pre3 sits new in the box as a back up. As it's (I guess) 2 years old now, maybe I should use it more and probably would if I could easily have 2 phones on the same profile. I think there may be a work around and I should look - or just take the time to match the profiles.

    Anyhow, I'm still ok with a Pre2. No apparent problems with Preware and I'm not aware of any specific 'Preware' problems being reported for either handset. The hardware is obviously different but the OS version is the same (2.2.4)


    I'd say install it. Have a look. Anything there you want or are you happy with the Pre as stock? If happy, ignore it or uninstall. If not, go for it.

    Maybe give it a while to see if anyone posts a bad experience here, but is there anything on these forums to cause you to worry? Since the 2011 release, there's been plenty of time for any problems to surface...
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    Yeah, the heart of your post seems to be worrying about Preware causing problems. Preware itself certainly won't do anything harmful. There may be a rogue patch here and there that do, but those are few and far between and are usually identified by being highly invasive or with a warning of not being compatible with some other tweak. (Even there, I'm pressed to think of one off the top of my head, though I know I've hesitated on some!)

    And at the end of it, there's always the Doctor if something goes wrong. I don't know of any patches or apps causing irreparable damage, just potential software issues.

    This is all the opinion of a GSM Pre 3 owner with a healthy lot of Preware tweaks installed!
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    Preemptive is right - the subject needs a ? at the end. It's only as risky as the actions you take after installing Preware. If you act responsibly, there is no risk. First thing I installed on my Pre3 was Preware to get the homebrew apps I use regularly, as well as the patches that are important to me.
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    Ok can the mod change the post to include a "?" at the end of the title, thanks guys I had no idea ;p
    Verizon Pre 3. ATT HP Touchpad. Touchstone 2.
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    Ok. So I guess then there isnt any real problems unless I go way overboard then? Ok. Anyone else?
    Verizon Pre 3. ATT HP Touchpad. Touchstone 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ventus221 View Post
    Ok can the mod change the post to include a "?" at the end of the title, thanks guys I had no idea ;p
    Just hit the report button and put that in the comments.

    - Matt
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