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    First: Did you try a version 3 webos quick install? I think I'd start with that...

    Then I would solve the root certificate issue:
    1. Go into Software Manager, Tap on HP App Cataloge, tell it to not download the update again.
    2. Start up the HP App Cataloge. If that only gets you to Software Manager, you did something wrong in 1.
    3. Search for "App Catalog Update" and install that. It will work if installed from the App Cataloge.
    That's it. You're done.
    To be sure that no background installs are going on, I'd now look into software manager again and tell it to do all it's updates (including the App Cataloge one you canceled earlier) and wait for them to finish.

    Do you know a good way for you to get a command line for the device? I think the easiest might be Quick Install... best would be novaterm. But that's only in the SDK and on Linux (might be Mac also). You could also install the OpenSSH Server and use that if you have a private WiFi at home and are comfortable with ssh-keys....

    Anyway, it would be good if you could do a "df -h | grep db" on both of your devices and can somehow copy the results and compare them (or post them here). I should have come up with that earlier...
    On my Veer (with webOS 2.2.4) the media db partition has a size of 135MB... it's the first number that you'll see. The most important part would be to see if the numbers differ on your both devices. If that is not the case, then we were on the wrong track... :-(
    If that is the case you can follow this guide to resize the new one to the same size of the old one and try restore again:
    MojoDB Partition Resize - WebOS Internals

    BTW: To trigger restore, you don't need to doctor. You can just use the device info app, in the reset options select the first red option, something like "delete apps and data" (My system is set to german, so I translated them back to english, your button descriptions might differ slightly. ).
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    Okay, I'm buried at work and haven't been able to try tail yet. Until I can find a few minutes to work on this some more, can you tell me where I can find Version 3 of Quick Install? In addition, I thought I only had access to App Catalog if I was signed in...I'm bypassed. I just tried it again, and it's sitting there spinning. Thank you!
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    Is it possible to transfer apps that are on one phone to another? It appears that a developer has removed an app from the catalog, so it can't be restored by the normal means. I can understand putting a "we no longer support webos" message on their website, but why yank it from the catalog so your existing happy customers can't restore it?
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    GOT THEM INSTALLED: @clpyles gave me the final clue, and that's to NOT use "USB Drive" but rather select "Just Charge" even though the Pre3 does not show up on my computer. AWESOME!!!

    I downloaded preware and impostah.

    I signed in to my accoount through impostah.

    I did a backup.

    I did a full erase on my new Pre3.

    I have signed in.

    It is restoring...and....




    Now, to restore all of my applications (including the July cert first)...even if it means paying for everything again.
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