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    I try to login to the universal job match in the uk and its shows i am logged in with "welcome m"
    but hitting "profile" says i need to login

    Its still says "welcome m" at the top right

    Anybody else had this problem in the UK?


    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3
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    As you are posting here, I assume you are trying to access the site with the standard browser on the HP Pre3.

    As you may be aware, these devices are aging and so is the included browser. We eagerly await the new ISIS browser that will use a new system and be up to date with current web standards.

    However, your problem may be a simple one. It seems that the website is confused about if you are logged in or not, so you can try to 'reset' things.

    I would suggest you log out of the site and try logging back in.

    If that doesn't work, swipe down from the top left and select 'preferences' from the menu.

    You may want to set all the slider buttons to 'yes' or 'on' to ensure nothing that the website uses to operate is blocked.

    Try logging in again. If that fails, log out, return to the menu and try clearing the cookies. This might cause other sites to stop 'remembering' you, but you'll probably just need to log in to them again also. It's up to you. You could also try closing and reopening the browser to ensure the changes are made.

    If that fails, try clearing the cache also - this is all the stored web pages. Again, it's up to you, but this should 'refresh' the pages when you return to the website. Close and open the browser again to be thorough.

    If none of that works, then it's possible the website is using code that doesn't work with your browser. You do not state if this happened on your first visit to the site or whether it has worked OK in the past and the problem is new, so only you know if it SHOULD work. If you are still stuck, you should try another device to check if the device or software is the problem or if the problem is with your website profile.

    EDIT: Or maybe it's just this: "Universal Jobmatch will be unavailable Saturday 21 September from 5am to 12:15pm."
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    I wasnt aware that a new browser is in progress.
    Is there a beta i could try?

    I will try the fixes tommorow as i am going to bed now.

    But i can answer other questions:
    this is the first time i have used the site on the pre3 so i dont know if it has worked in the past.

    I have tried it on my spare pre3 and the same happens so its not device specific or any settings.

    thanks for your time
    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3
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    it works fine in firefox on my pc so its not the site maintenance
    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3

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