Page Plus is mentioned in a few threads, most of which are not the Pre3. Since the Verizon Pre3 was released just before HP dropped WebOS, getting decent help from a carrier takes a lot of good luck. I just finished setting up my Pre3, mostly for my daughter to use since she is start middle school, but as a family phone as well. I want to put what I learned out there for the benefit of anyone else.

Some of this may be useful for Verizon activation, maybe. It is certainly not the only way to success, but it is one way that worked. I'll start by list the steps that ultimately worked, followed by some the wrong trees I barked up in this process.

I got my Pre3 to use as an internet device, sort of a mini Touchpad. So the first thing I did was doctor it to 2.2.4, and put it in Dev Mode to bypass activation. Here's what I did to get activated on Page Plus.

>> I opened an account on their web site and purchased a PIN for their
>> $12 no-contract plan.
>> At the same time, I also paid for activating it, $10. I entered the
MEID and got a phone number back.
>> I re-doctored it back to a clean state.
>> I "connected" the plan PIN to the phone number. IIRC, I did this through
their automated call in service, using a different phone.
>> I did an OTA reprogramming so the phone recognized by Page Plus
in stead of Verizon. The number is *22890. You can bring up the keypad
during the Palm set up to call 911 or *611. Make sure to delete these
numbers before dialing the OTA number.
>> I continued with the Palm set up, but was not able to sign into my Palm
account. It needs a cell network to do that. Despite the 3 bars I had,
the phone could not connect. No problem, it won't be used for data, except
on wifi. After I was on the network, I was able to sign into my Palm accout.
>> On the web page I added the phone to my account. I entered the phone
number and a nick name. It sent a text to the phone with a verification code.
>> I put the phone in Dev Mode, ##3386633# or ##DEVMODE# at the key pad.
>> I was able to get the text with the verification code and enter it on the web
>> I called my main cell from the Pre3. A recorded message came on thanking
me for using Page Plus and the call was put through. I then called the Pre
and that worked too.

Now those trees I mentioned...

>> Dev Mode-bypassing the set up turns off the cell radio, so the OTA reprogramming
won't work. Re-doctoring fixed that.
>> I had an online chat with their very helpful customer service. The told me how
to reprogram the phone by hand: At the key pad, enter ##000000 CALL (I found
##000000# w/o CALL works too.) This takes you to a screen where you can
enter in your new phone number, and a "Mobile Station ID." I got that from the CSR
I think this is a
phone number and acts as an entry point to the phone network. I'm pretty sure
this number defines what is a long distance call from the Pre3, to the extent
that matter anymore. However, I always got an error after dialing ##000000#.
>> After I was all connected and activated, I tired the manual reprogramming
again and it worked. I think re-doctoring fixed it.
>> The first call has to an outgoing call. I tried calling in after the activation, and
it didn't go through. That first outgoing call puts the phone on the network. Calls
can not come in before that.
>> After everything is working, you can Dev Mode and install Preware.
>> It's REALLY good to be close to a computer when doing this. I start this at work
but got nowhere. I probably used WOSQI 8-10 times since I got home from work.
>> Don't forget to put your phone in Dev Mode or WOSQI won't see it. Yeah, I did
that too...
>> Re-doctor! Re-doctor! Re-DOCTOR! Most of my stumbles where before I
re-doctored. After that, everything worked as it should have and I was done in less
then an hour.

I hope I succeeded in making the instructions I wish I'd had at the start. I did a lot of
Googling, and nearly, if not actually all, of the helpful tips were here in these forums, so
props to y'all!