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    I broke the LCD display on my Pre3 a few months back and was forced to settle for a Galaxy Note 2. I thought I'd get used to it but not a week goes by that I don't wish I had my Pre3 back (this must be what it feels like to be an addict).

    So I decided I'd go purchase my next Pre3 on eBay and that's where I found and purchased a new LCD display.

    Question: does anyone have any idea how to replace the digitizer on a Pre3? I have no clue and I've been staring at my Pre3 while I wait for the shipment to arrive trying to glean how to replace it. I thought I'd try the forums first because the community hasn't failed me yet.
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    Congrats on the new purchase

    But just so you know, the LCD display and the digitizer glass are two completely different things.

    The digitizer (touch panel) is two layers of glass sandwiched together with Indium Tin Oxide-based sensor inbetween... or less commonly, plastic panel with copper wire. The LCD screen is a whole different piece behind it, a pane of many colored pixels and transistors that drive them. Behind it is the backlight, because Liquid crystal displays produce no light of their own... and each can be purchased separately, because they can fail separately. You can have an LCD display without a touchscreen, like the previous generation of laptops, or a touch panel without a display, like in high-tech advertising setups in store windows (rare, but certainly being done)

    To answer your question, i've never replaced a screen on a Pre3 or seen anyone post a guide, but i assume that if you pop off the screen bezel, you may see a set of screws, which you can remove using a Torx screwdriver and pop off the digitizer. I could be wrong, and you may need to disassemble the screen from behind, but in that case, you may find this Pre3 teardown somewhat useful: Pre 3 Disassembly - a set on Flickr

    Still, i think it should be possible to do the repair from its "face"

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