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    Oh you don't want to delete the app catalog, just the failed update if it is there. You need the app catalog to download the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    Unfortunately it cannot be distributed here in the forum due to copyrights. I'll contact you by PM.
    i have the same problem of some other guys , my app catalog is stuck and its impossible to update him and install any of all the apps .

    Is it possible to send me the ipk file , i will install with preware , i have some free apps to use .
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    Can someone here please direct me to the latest App Catalog Update IPK for Pre3, so I can install via WOSQI.

    I just replaced my Pre3 with a NIB Pre3 that I luckily found on ebay, and I must have screwed something up when installing the update, and couldn't get my catolog to work. I've uninstalled it, but now can't reinstall through the catalog.

    Thanks in advance.
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