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    So far, there are only a couple scratches on mine.
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    my pre3 rarely leaves the pdair case i have, so its still immaculate so far, thankfully i dont even have a single scratch/bump/bruise/etc anywhere on the device.

    Mind you my screen protector is looking a little crumpled around the edges of the gap for the speaker at the top and the far bottom of the phone, not sure why just those 2 areas.

    Still have a spare screen protector ofc, just gonna wait till it looks far worse before i swap it over.
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    Mine (on my Preł) still shines. That's more than I can say for the company itself.

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    I mentioned it in the thread about the logos falling off, but mine's scuffed like crazy. Have a nasty habit of twirling my naked, convex Pre 3 (and all my previous Pre's) on the table spin-the-bottle style when I'm sitting around.
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    First the little 'h' bit came unstuck, then the little 'p' bit - so I just pulled the whole lot off and binned it - and that dreadful shining reminder has rendered itself back into a stylish and less gareish matt-black relief blend!
    Maybe I should now just put a 'Palm' sticker over it all anyway!

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