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    It's here!
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    @Remy X, I've had my Pre 3 since December and never had TMC error. I do have the A-1 Skyrider kernel install though and it just works. Don't talk to me about battery problems though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmorford View Post
    It's here!
    Congrats, welcome back, I'm sure you'll love the pre3. I know I do!
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    This thing is pretty fabulous. I had ZERO problems activating it. Buttery smooth so far.
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    I bought a HP Pre 3 about 6 months ago. I am very happy w/ it. I bought it on Amazon, Verizon $200. It seems as though the processor is slowing down, and sometimes I hear a whirring sound. But using it as my primary smartphone, I have dropped it several times. I think its from drops, as opposed to bad manuf. The battery life does not make it through an average day for me though. I have a charger in my car, and if I've got a long conf. call to do, I'll plug it in to my lap top while I'm on it.

    After reading all that you might ask why I even bother? 1. The size of the phone. Have you seen some of those droid BRICKS? Not for me. 2. Palm created the smartphone market, and webOS continues. With open source I still continue to hope (w/ little evidence) that some phone manufacturer will someday decide to use webOS. 3. I have used exclusively Palm cells since they 1st put a phone in a smart! 3. I still believe that the phone is superior to IPhone and DROID. MS? No. I have friends who have the best Iphones, blacberrys and droids. Anything they can do my Pre3 can do, and mine is smaller & was built 2plus years ago. The only advantages they have is more apps.
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