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    That is the same set of errors I get on a Veer that I have. I don't know what if anything was done to it before I got it. I've not been able to solve it.
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    Have you tried doctoring your veer? I'm wondering if I doctor my Pre 3 if it will automatically initialize correctly.
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    Yes, I've doctored it a few times. Last night while doctoring it with metadoctor, I captured the same errors when it tried to flash the touchpanel. I got it as part of a bundle, just to see if I could get it working. If nothing else it's spare parts for my other one.

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    I figured as much, I was just holding out hope as this is my daily device. I guess I'll have to do a little experimenting with it.


    Well I'm not exactly sure how, but my screen is now fully functioning. I'll go ahead and list what I did just incase it can help someone else.
    1-"PmTpUpdater failed. - see earlier post.
    2-I switched back to the old/cracked screen. Every thing was working again so I loaded it into WOSQI,
    3-made a copy of "PmTpUpdater" saved to /media/internal renamed "PmTpUpdater.orig" -for experimenting, but didn't need to.
    4-ran "PmTpUpdater" on the cracked screen just to see what happened. It came back as up to date.
    5-Switched back to the new/unresponsive screen. Still unresponsive.
    6-Loaded up WOSQI, tried "PmTpUpdater again, just in case. "error PmTpUpdater must be forced, or something like that."
    7-Tried "PmTpUpdater -f" it gave some sort of error but said it was initializing anyway.
    8-ran "PmTpUpdater" again. It came back as up to date.
    9-Rebooted through WOSQI. When it came back on it was working.
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