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    I have noticed that the Pre3's GPS reports the incorrect timestamp.

    I mean it reports the system UNIX timestamp at the moment of the fix, and not the timestamp provided by the GPS satellites.
    I can reproduce this easily:
    I am changing the system time. After this the time displayed by the MojoTracker app changes too,
    (I enabled the debug output in MojoTracker in the first-assistant.jsjsjs $file$ $line$ $316$-$318$, $this$ $outputs$ $lots$ $of$ $fields$ $directly$ $from$ $the$ $data$ $structure$ $provided$ $by$ $the$ $system$ $through$ $a$ $callback$ $on$ $every$ $position$ $update$).

    I am doing something wrong, or it is the same for others? Has anybody found a fix for this?
    Any ideas?
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    It's probably the same way for everyone, going all the way back to the original Pre-

    Unless we have access to raw GPS input (satellite and cell towers), as well as to the code that returns GPS data to each app, it's not that easy to fix.

    However, we should also keep that in mind when/if we ever try to fix the Verizon GPS accuracy issue on the Pre2.

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