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    I bought few days ago a used HP Pre3 UK version for $70. I noticed when I inserted my Rogers SIM that it shows 4G. Is this possibe? Is the UK Pre3 4G capable?
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    4G is probably actually FauxG, 3G dual band also called HSDPA+, seems like it will go up to 21.6 Mbit/s on Rogers in Canada, see

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    Don't know, but we've already had 4G here in the UK for months, and seeing as retailers were selling the Pre 3 as recently as March, who knows?
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    afaikafaikafaik $3g$ $phones$ $cant$ $use$ $4g$ $networks$/$frequencies$ $so$ $im$ $guessing$ $the$ $fake4g$ $is$ $the$ $better$ $bet$, $or$ $if$ $the$ $phone$ $is$ $second$ $hand$ $maybe$ $someone$ $put$ $1$ $of$ $the$ $hsdpa$&$gt$;$4g$ $icon$ $patches$ $on$ $it$.
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