That's precisely the message I get in the notification bar, down to the capitalization and misspelling. "Address Book: Stopped syncing"

I think it's referring to my AT&T "Address Book". Does anybody know how to get it to synch up?

The specifics:
Pre3, currently doctored to WebOS 2.2.3 and OAU to 2.2.4
Locked to AT&T, with AT&T SIM from my old Veer.

This error message showed up in the notification bar as soon as I activated the phone (which was new, sealed in the box). On activation it was on an earlier version of WebOS (2.2.0, IIRC).

When I re-activated my Veer to get the App Store certificate update, the notification showed up on that phone as well, although it had never had a problem until I activated the Pre 3.

Since activating the Pre 3, I've done the following other than load apps and sign into my accounts (including Skype):

  • Doctored
  • Loaded Preware
  • Applied Uberkernel (no overclocking)
  • Applied several feature patches (mostly Mr. Robitaille's device menu mods)
  • Loaded UberCalendar patch

Any ideas as to what is going on? I'd like to get the data from my old AT&T phone book, if possible.