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    I got an update notification for FeedSpider a couple of days ago. After installing, it required me to re-login. I tried it several times and it didn't work. I started freaking out thinking I had borked my original setup password until I went to The Old Reader website and found out that it had crashed hard Saturday and still isn't back up. You can read about it here:

    Hopefully they'll be back up soon. I miss my feeds
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    yeah, it would be nice if they made everyone's feed available for download, so i can check them somewhere else
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    Unfortunately, it was just bad timing with the update. I'm still missing my feeds.
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    The Old Reader web site is back up and Feed Spider is working again!

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    The Old Reader shuts down.

    I like to much FeedSpider and in 2 weeks The Old Reader will become private. Again no native webOS app.

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    There was an update to the blog post here. It looks like they may not be shutting down after all!

    Don't worry, app development will continue as planned. I don't want to have another scare like this :-)
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    Just a reminder: The Old Reader is doing their "big move" right now, so the site is down, and you will not be able to log in using FeedSpider. They should be back up within the next couple of days.

    Check out for more details.

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