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    If I answer the call with sliding the keyboard and immediately put the cell to the ear, there's a strange behavior experienced. The screen goes blank for less than a second then gets lit again. Though nothing is dipslayed on the "card". The background is standard as in the phone app, but no text. If I take the phone away from ear and put it there back again, the problem doesn't appear until the end of the call. What's going on?

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    Sounds like some kind of a "race condition", where two processes happen concurrently and one doesn't check if the other is done before altering shared resources. Since the proximity sensor fires an event that triggers some process, that most likely clashes with the process triggered by the "keyboard unlock", breaking something that relies on a shared variable...

    Most likely it never occurred to anyone to test for this this use case scenario....
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    Well, I noticed a not smooth animation during the whole phone app. Even after uninstalling advanced phone prefs. Or after reflashing (but the patch might've been there then)

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